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Sarah J. Heidelberg

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Sarah Jane Heidelberg was born in the state of Kansas in 1981. She traveled many places in her youth with family and ended up settling in Mississippi, where her ancestors descended from. Her favorite children’s book which inspired her the most is Mumble Bear a German tale her father picked out for her from the Johnson County Library in Kansas.

She is very artistically inclined, focusing on acrylic painting, digital photograph manipulation, and collage. She enjoys singing, violin, and inspiring children with music. She enjoys tutoring students in language arts and phonemic awareness.

Sarah Jane writes in a journal, posts on her blog “Move Beyond Stagnancy to Dynamic Force” and releases researched papers on her website, OpheliaBrownPublishing.com.

As sole proprietor of Ophelia Brown Publishing she oversaw production of All the Pretty Roses and Camille Alexander from concept creation to launch.

She says, “My vision is to create a platform upon which young women of any color can express themselves freely without shame in order to WRITE DOWN THE BONES or even SPEAK their experiences that brought them to this particular point in life.”

She states, “Ophelia Brown (the name of her publishing co.) is a modern Ophelia from Hamlet and a heroine representing a woman who has been to the depths of despair and there reached a life-affirming knowledge of self that saves her life, realizing that she is the author (creator, mother —of Love. A lesson that teaches that women should pay it forward and share their gifts with others and to let them know they should celebrate the journey that got them to today and be ashamed of nothing.”

Sarah Jane graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2005 with a BA in Language Arts and in 2010, with a Master’s in Library and Information Science. She holds three teaching endorsements.

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