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Shana Lynch: "Currently, I reside in sunny Los Angeles, California. Where everyone is trying to get their foot into the entertainment industry, including myself. I am a woman that creates, cultivates, and inspires thoughts with my voice. As a child, I wrote short stories but never realized I would be writing this much. I have been writing poetry seriously for six years. I was amazed when I finally realized my talents (it took encouragement from my family and friends) but now I know. I am in the midst of getting my poetry published by years end. In my spare time, I spend it with my family and friends, reading, traveling and experiencing new life ventures. See you all at the top."

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My minds clouded with thoughts of our lover’s escapade
I tried hard not to put this into my mind
I thought if I didn’t think about what was and what is
than my feelings of you would go far away
vanish in the sky like a rainbow
to only appear when  another storm of life has erupted
should I have feelings of hope
or will my cynical perception of life
ruin my escapade for we two
I thought in my life that love was dead
that the good Lord whom I pray to each and every night
would not give to me
what my heart really desires
true love
I have tarried for the masters plan
and know from my dreams and prayers
your’re asking me to take your hand
walk with you into a land of married bliss
nights full with lover’s escapades and passionates kisses
my love
I do
my heart races as I think of your words, kisses, promises in the night
as you hold my hand while walking under God’s starry umbrella
Doesn’t it feel good...
It really feels right to be in your arms
I know I am a woman again....
full of life and an abundance of love
to give from this day forward

—1997 by Shana Lynch

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I decided to pay you a visit last night
With all my might
I kept myself shut in
Unable to release
What keeps my mind
In balance thinking
Thoughts what is right
Maybe I should have not thoughts
Just acted upon the burning furnace in my heart
You know the kind that
Covers your body from head to toe
The kind that turns you into a
passionate criminal
The kind of thoughts that are too fluid
to be soaked up with a towel
Feel me
Help me indulge my whimsical
Lyrical musical melody of you
Let me only listen to the song birds duet
in my ears
Please, revel and embrace
What this aching heart wants
A love so true
Unknown by none other than you
I want a love that will canopy me
likr the Amazon Tropical Rainforest
Dense, Calm, Cool....

—1997 by Shana Lynch

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