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With an academic background in writing, editing, music (piano), media/communications, and publishing, Stacey Marie Robinson directs the activities and operation of Kya Publishing, including the creation, promotion, and production of her novels—the Urban Toronto Tales collection—along with the Journal of Canadian Urban Fiction, the Kya Keys Book Donation Program (in support of urban literacy), and the Toronto Urban Book Expo.

A culmination of her passions, Kya Publishing, founded in 2007, is committed to the promotion and celebration of urban Canadian books, arts/entertainment, and culture. Through Kya Publishing, Stacey also provides a variety of writing and communication services for writers, urban artists, and community organizations.

Stacey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies (University of Windsor), a Masters in Communications (Wayne State University, Detroit), and a diploma in Publishing (Ryerson University).

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