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Stanley G. Robertson

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Stanley G. Robertson is a professor of business and law at DeVry University in Chicago. He is the host and producer of the television show titled, The Ink Spot, on CAN-TV and WVON radio in Chicago. The show is currently in its sixth year of production. Stan is the author of the book, The Straw Man Fallacy: Exposing the Faulty Rhetoric of Is Bill Cosby Right? He is currently working on his second book titled, This Ain’t Eric Jerome Dickey: The Ink Spot Anthology of 100 Books You Must Read. In the anthology, Stan has selected and reviewed 100 of their favorite books covered on The Ink Spot between the years 2005-2010. The books selected for inclusion range from the Black literary classics to current best sellers.

About The Ink Spot
The Ink Spot with Stanley G. Robertson is a book review program where book critics square off against each other, and match wits against authors, to debate the issues explored in books. The show is a cross between The View and The McLaughlin Group, peppered with books! It is akin to The View in that Stanley G. Robertson has in-depth conversations surrounding current hot-button topics of the day. But much like The McLaughlin Group, the moderator interacts with three other guests at the table with hard-hitting questions and crossfire dialogue.

The Ink Spot appears on television and radio. The Ink Spot with Stanley G. Robertson airs on CAN-TV in Chicago each Saturday from 11:30-12:00 noon Central Time; and it airs on WVON AM-1690 radio each Sunday from 4:00-5:00 pm Central Time.

The Ink Spot group shotEach week the moderator plus three panelists from varied backgrounds read a book and come together around the table to debate the issues explored in the book. The show begins with each panelist expressing their overall opinion of the book. But as opposing viewpoints emerge, the conversation usually turns to more verbal sparring, good-natured gamesmanship and occasionally loud crosstalk as the debate heats up. Every episode ends with Stanley G. Robertson asking for a thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether each panelist would recommend the book to other readers.

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