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If you’re reading this, maybe you could become a potential audience of mine. I don’t write in any particular fiction genre, so therefore I don’t have a targeted audience. My plot and characters are all true to their identity. I try to tell a story in unusual ways. There are always romance, drama, mystery/suspense, bizarre circumstances, some philosophy, part literary narration, and part straight talk. A little spirituality (non-religious), and a little eroticism are mixed in, depending on the character or situation. I look at myself as more of an underground writer…an experimentalist…to think outside of the norm…opening my mind and expanding my soul to reach every facet of life. I try to make each book of mine different from the last while still giving readers that entertaining escape into someone else’s world. A lot of the characters I write about may be controversial. But isn’t all of life?

Ayna Rayne: Girl Unusual was selected as one of the 2015 Finalists for The National Indie Excellence Book Awards under the category of general fiction.

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