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Tarkisha M. Wallace is a 3-Time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Tarkisha M. Wallace, Licensed Professional Counselor, provides individual, couple, and family counseling services, life coaching, and facilitates training & development workshops. She is also a Louisiana Board-Approved LPC Supervisor. Ms. Wallace completed her Master of Arts in Student Personnel Services – Counseling at Northwestern State University of Louisiana in May 2008 as well as her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in Speech in May 2005. In March 2011, Ms. Wallace earned state licensure through the Louisiana Professional Counselor Board of Louisiana.

Tarkisha has worked in the mental health field since completing her Master’s degree in 2008. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from various roles while employed at a therapeutic girl’s residential facility, mental health rehabilitation agency, alternative school for juvenile offenders, and a college counseling program as a Direct Child Care Attendant, Counselor, Assessor, Site Director, and Regional Director.

Clients receiving services engage in an individualized approach to achieving life goals based on evidence-based treatment strategies, Person-Centered, Solution Focused, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In October 2018, Tarkisha wrote her first book Little Girl Arise. As a counselor, she felt her life experiences and the purpose God created her to fulfill would be story of encouragement and empowerment.

Tarkisha says, “The helping profession allows you to see a lot. So many of us lack love, support, guidance, have no sense of peace or reasoning, and there’s so much more that has the potential to cause any person to feel as though they no longer have control over their lives, choices, and actions. Sometimes these stressors and barriers can be discouraging, but there is hope. There’s more to life, but you must want it. I’m here to help any person or family when they are ready to make changes that will enhance their lives and improve their functioning. Everyone has the ability to SOAR…everyone! Some of us just need a little more help in doing so!” #itstimetosoar

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