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Terrance Dean

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After leaving a jet-set production post at MTV Terrance Dean, a Detroit native, reinvented himself as a philanthropist, humanitarian and a self-proclaimed "Cardio-Spiritualist." Not only is he the founder/creator of Men’s Empowerment, Young Men’s Empowerment and Young Women’s Empowerment, the Fisk University grad is also co-creator of “The Gathering of Men” with Adeyemi Bandele, the husband and spiritual partner of Vanzant.

Dean’s NY based organization, Men’s Empowerment, has been in existence, in various forms— for over three years and has over 200 men of color from various professional, civic and ethnic backgrounds actively involved in it. To date, the non-profit has attracted such keynote speakers as VIBE magazine editor Emil Wilbekin, Urbanworld Film Group head honcho Stacy Spikes, best-selling authors Omar Tyree and Kevin Powell, and urban music veteran Kirk Burrowes. Future speakers will include Def Jam President Kevin Liles (11/27) and NBC correspondent/author Dr. Ian Smith (12/12).

A true man about time, Dean currently resides in Harlem with gal pal Tamara Francois, a talent executive at BET. They’re both certified members of the spiritual organization, The Landmark Forum.
— Excerpted from THE RU REPORT/NOVEMBER 22 by Karu F. Daniels

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