Therone Shellman

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Goals:  Build Third Eye Publishing Inc into a full service publishing company. Write screenplays, do activism and lecture on the college circuit.

Therone Shellman’s mission is to write entertaining and insightful books for parents, singles, and young adults. Becoming an author has been a dream of his since childhood. Therone’s story is inspirational and motivational. He is one who believes dreams are made to be lived not just thought about.

“Love Don’t Live Here’ his first title became a bestseller in the African American market, August 2006 (Booking Matters Magazine). Along with doing book signings consistently, he speaks at schools/universities about his novel and urban education. He is a very sought after voice in the literary world and has done many online and phone interviews. He also had a featured article in the Hustlers Report News magazine, Fall ’06, and G&G magazine. In Dec of 06 he signed the first author to Third Eye Publishing, since then he has signed two others. He is also embarking on writing screenplays, and has taken a screenplay writing course at Gothams Writers in Manhattan, NY.

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