Tiffany Rose

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Tiffany Rose is a teacher, world traveler, and the left-handed author/illustrator of M is for Melanin from Little Bee Books. She is excited to see M is for Melanin, published by Macmillan Children’s Books in the UK in 2020.

Tiffany is also the illustrator of Abdul’s Story (Fall 2021) from Simon and Schuster, Hurry Kate,You’ll Be Late (Spring 2021) from Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House.

Tiffany remembers what it was like as a brown child not seeing herself reflected in the books and characters she loved so dearly and is thus inspired to create art and meaningful stories so that the 23% of underrepresented children can see themselves. Pencil in hand, she’s changing that percentage one book at a time. Tiffany currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. She’s a lover of coffee, wanderlust, massive curly afros, and children being their imaginative, quirky, free selves.

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