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Toni Asante Lightfoot is a graduate of Cave Canem African American Writer's Workshop and a teacher of writing workshops. She is a co-founder of the poetry collective the Modern Urban Griots. She is a leader in the national arts organization, Blackout Arts Collective. Ms. Lightfoot was President of the African American Writers Guild, founded by Marita Golden. In November 2002 Lightfoot became the Business and Outreach Manager Guild Complex in Chicago.

Lightfoot has authored several books including two collections of poems entitled Kiss My Ears Like Jazz and Unearthing Me.

What Inspires Toni Asante Lightfoot: "All the artists who fought for an won battles regarding social justice. I sit back and wonder what I can do that will be as effective and affect so many as Gwendolyn Brooks, Frieda Kahlo, Eleanor Roosevelt and my mother. On a smaller scale which is what I specialize my writing towards I am inspired by the little stories that cause paradigm shifts in people. Oh yeah, a shot of rum on a Trinidadian beach does wonders for my muse. Come join me sometime."

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