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Trice Hickman

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Trice Hickman is a Top 100 AALBC.com Bestselling Author Making Our List 5 Times

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Trice Hickman grew up on the eastern coast of North Carolina; the middle child of two of the best parents on earth!  I was a precocious kid, the one who always asked, "Why?"

As a teenager I loved reading books because they were the perfect escape from my small hometown. I’d meet interesting people and travel to exciting places, all without leaving the Michael Jackson (he was "it" back in the day) covered walls of my bedroom. During my undergraduate years at Winston-Salem State University, (I had a ball at WSSU!) I continued my love affair with books. I even fantasized about writing a novel, envisioning myself at the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. But upon graduation, and with the next month’s rent looming overhead, I put that dream on hold and chose a more practical route — getting a nine-to-five to pay the bills! I spent the next several years in a rewarding career in higher education, but continued to dream about writing a book. Occasionally, I'd dabble creating characters and plots in my head that somehow never made it past a few frustrating pages.

Fast forward through earning a Masters Degree from Wake Forest University, and working in a variety of management positions for corporate and non-profit organizations, I still held on to my love of books and the dream of one day writing my own. Then something happened to me that I'd only heard about but had never experienced —I was laid-off. But not to fear, that lay-off was ultimately one of the best blessings of my life. When my nine-to-five door closed, God opened my literary window! One morning, instead of beginning my day of job searching, I sat at my computer and let all those years of ideas come rushing out.

Instead of the writer’s block I’d experienced in the past, I put my fingers to the keyboard and watched the words flow like sweet water.  By one o'clock the next morning I'd written the first chapter of Unexpected Interruptions! Five months later my first novel was complete. Ironically, a few months after that a job came knocking. Over the next two years I worked my nine-to-five while researching the next step'getting published. I submitted my manuscript to dozens of agents and publishers, but they all turned me down. Let me tell you, rejection is a hard thing. But I was determined not to let anything stop me from my dream! I had faith, and I believed in the characters I had created and the story I'd crafted. So, after careful thought and planning, I resigned from my job (Honestly, I think I actually skipped into work that morning I may have even clicked my heels too!) and formed my own publishing company, Platinum Books, and published Unexpected Interruptions myself!

The rest as they say is history! I love what I do and there's no greater feeling than being able to live your dream. My goal is to write interesting, thought-provoking stories that entertain and allow readers to escape into the pages of the book. I'm blessed in so many ways, and with God’s steady hand to guide me this is only the beginning of what’s ahead!

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