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Vernon Kitabu Turner is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

African-American spiritual guru and martial arts master Vernon “Kitabu” Turner was raised as a Christian. In 1967, after a chance meeting, he became a Zen initiate of master Nomura Roshi, and eventually the Dharma son of Himalayan master Sadguru Sant Keshavadas.

Born January 27, 1948 to Christian parents in Portsmouth, Virginia, Turner is an Author, Poet, Zen Master and Martial artist. He embraced Christ at nine years old after a profound personal experience which ignited his contemplative nature. Poetry became his early voice. At age 17 he ran away from home to New York City where he was tested by gangs and earned the nickname, “Karate,” for his ability to fend off assaults.He graduated from Eastern District High School in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, where his poetry and prose caught the attention of school officials.

While a student at Queens College, Turner met Zen master, Nomura Roshi under mysterious circumstances. Nomura taught him to sit zazen. The Zen fragrance forever perfumed his writings and life. Turner still writes poetry, has published fiction, and is proficient in non-fiction books. His works have been praised by Linda Goodman of “Sun Signs” fame; and Dan Millman, “The Peaceful Warrior,” among others. Sadguru Sant Keshavadas charged him with bridging the gap between East and West. Turner is an authentic voice of Christian Zen. He lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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