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William L. Katz is a 1-Time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Bill Katz is one of the few members outside of our community who has made a significant, lasting contribution to it. Black Legacy is a good, clear layman’s book on African Americans in New York. —Dr. John Henrik Clarke

William “Bill” Loren Katz (1927-2019) was the author of more than 40 books on African American history. His books have won awards and his research, writing and lectures have earned widespread praise from noted scholars such as John Hope Franklin, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Howard Zinn, Ivan Van Sertima, and many others. He is an acclaimed lecturer who has spoken at more than 50 universities and dozens of museums, and libraries.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a BA in history in 1950 and from New York University in 1952 with an MA in Secondary Education, Katz taught social studies in New York City and State secondary schools and served as a curriculum consultant for 14 years. Since 1967 he has been a lecturer and consultant for Boards of Education from Seattle, Washington to Dade County, Florida, including the Inner London Education Authority and the Education Departments of North Carolina and New York.

Katz is often interviewed on Native American, African American and National Public Radio stations across the country. He has spoken on the much overlooked alliance that has been shaped by Africans and Indigenous Americans for more than 500 years.

Since 1986 his “Education and Books” column has appeared in the New York Daily Challenge. His essays have also appeared in The New York Times, American Legacy Magazine and web sites, The Black World Today and Global Black News. Has has also been a consultant to the Smithsonian Institute, a committee of the British House of Commons and a committee of the US Senate. He has served as a Scholar-in-Residence at Teachers College, Columbia University and at New York University.

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