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William A. Simms is a native Philadelphian, the eighth child in a family of thirteen, with five children of his own. As a young man, in the late fifties and early sixties, he was an aspiring singer, performing in local groups for a number of years. When stardom came close but ultimately eluded him, he turned to songwriting, arranging and producing his own musical material. He eventually left the music industry and established businesses in other fields.

A desire to speak out about the injustices imposed upon African-Americans led him to become a regular contributor of articles to the African-American Journal, a Philadelphia based periodical. He found that he enjoyed writing, and this discovery led to the production of longer works of social commentary and eventually to his first novel, Zuro! A Tale of Alien Avengers, a unique story of racial conflict. Since its publication, Mr. Simms has completed a second novel, Crisis of Identity, which was published in the winter of 1997.

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