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momowilly, nee Monique A. Williams, knew forever that writing was her calling. As a child, she kept journals regularly, cutting her soul with a pen and bleeding her feelings onto paper. Her offbeat sense of humor and outrageous intelligence made her a hit with classmates and nemesis of most teachers.

She knew she was different when she was assigned a book report in the first grade and she chose her favorite, Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, while everyone had picked Harold and the Purple Crayon. A textbook Gifted child, school bored her so she challenged herself in private reading constantly and paying close attention to pop culture, melding the worlds of the hip and nerdy. Growing up with Archie and the gang, she appreciated the blue humor of the World's Dirtiest Jokes and the wholesome charm of The Babysitters Club. She became friends with Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl Tracy, and wept with E. Lynn Harris' Raymond. She heard when McCall hollered and saw a Brave New World with Huxley.

With her uncanny abilities to relate to and understand human behavior, momowilly became everyone's confidante and advisor, squelching her own fears and disappointments. These tales have molded momowilly into the author she is today. Drawing inspiration from people rather than situations, she creates worlds where we can effectively enter the minds of strangers. In the end, we realize they aren't strangers after all. They are our family, our friends, our co-workers, our neighbors, ourselves. momowilly allows us to gain a better understanding of human nature by putting the truth in our faces. Taking off the blindfold is the first step.

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