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Love the One You’re With (B-Boy Blues, Book 5)
by James Earl Hardy

Publication Date:
List Price: $11.95
Format: Paperback, 272 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780060512392
Imprint: Amistad
Publisher: HarperCollins
Parent Company: News Corporation
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Book Description:
Do men and monogamy mix? It’s not a question Mitchell "Little Bit" Crawford gave much thought to until his beaufriend of almost two years, Raheim "Pooquie" Rivers, an All-American jeans model, heads to Hollywood to make his first feature film. As Mitchell soon discovers, the temptation to cheat is very real . . . and it seems to be everywhere. An ex even pops up hoping to pick up where they left — and got — off. While intrigued, Mitchell chalks all the attention up to "the married man" syndrome: one is much more desirable when he’s attached to someone else.But as he continues to run into bisexual musician Montgomery "Montee" Simms, the look-but-don’t-touch rule is put to the test. As he and Montee get closer, Mitchell’s idealistic beliefs about commitment are challenged. Will he love the one he’s with because he can’t be with the one he loves?

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