Book Cover Image of Little Divas by Philana Marie Boles

Little Divas
by Philana Marie Boles

    Publication Date: Dec 27, 2005
    List Price: $15.99
    Format: Hardcover, 176 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Middle Grade
    ISBN13: 9780060732998
    Imprint: Amistad
    Publisher: HarperCollins
    Parent Company: News Corporation

    Hardcover Description:

    Cassidy Carter has let everyone push her around long enough. Before seventh grade starts she will become independent.Life is changing fast for Cassidy: Her parents just got divorced and she’s moved in with her dad. Even things between her and her strong-willed cousin and constant best friend, Rikki, are different. All Rikki seems to care about are boys and how to sneak past her preacher father to meet up with them. When a new girl, Golden, moves in next door, Cassidy sees a chance to make a change. With help from her two friends she will learn to test her own limits and summon her inner diva—because sometimes having a little attitude and respect for yourself is the only way to get what you want.

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