Book Cover Image of The Importance of Being Dangerous by David Dante Troutt

The Importance of Being Dangerous
by David Dante Troutt

Publication Date: Jun 03, 2008
List Price: $13.95
Format: Paperback, 352 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780060789305
Imprint: Harper Paperbacks
Publisher: HarperCollins
Parent Company: News Corporation

Paperback Description:

In the 1990s, as the Internet boomed and investments soared to unthinkable heights, many people were left with their feet planted firmly on the ground, looking enviously up at the more fortunate winners in life’s game of roulette. This is the era in which we meet Sidarra, Griff, and Yakoob—hardworking folks who can’t seem to get a toehold while wealth explodes around them. Each has personal struggles, but when they join the Central Harlem Investment Club, a plan to restore a little justice to their lives takes shape.It seems Yakoob has found a way to siphon off funds from wealthy individuals—the kind of people who are well insured and will probably barely notice the missing money. But in order to justify personal gain at others’ expense, the group decides to pick their victims based on people who have done harm to the black community in the past. A plan hatched in a dark pool hall could be a way to escape their drab lives and bring some equality back to the world.But when the group takes in Yakoob’s shady neighbor Raul, their scheme takes a sinister twist. Now, with murder in the mix, and the possibility of serious consequences, their best-laid plans may spiral into much more dangerous territory… .

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