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W.E.B. Du Bois: An Encyclopedia
by Gerald Horne

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    Carrying W.E.B. Du Bois from his birth in Massachusetts in 1868 to his death in Ghana in 1963, this concise encyclopedia covers all of the highlights of his life—his studying at Fisk, Harvard, and Berlin, his tiff with Booker T. Washington, his role with the NAACP and Pan-Africanism, his writings, his globe trotting, and his exile in Ghana. With contributions by leading scholars and a foreword by David Levering Lewis, the book provides a complete overview of Du Bois’s life. Featuring the highlights of his life, the events and personalities that influenced him, his intellectual contributions, and his activism, this book provides a complete understanding of this highly influential intellectual activist.With the conclusion of the Cold War, there is the opportunity to obtain a fuller, more complete understanding of Du Bois’ entire life. Providing full coverage of his latter crucial years—often ignored in earlier works—this book provides the latest scholarly insights, including a major entry by prizewinning scholar Brenda Gayle Plummer.

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