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Sallie Gal And The Wall-a-kee Man
by Shelia P. Moses

Publication Date:
List Price: $15.99
Format: Hardcover, 160 pages
Classification: Fiction
Target Age Group: Middle Grade
ISBN13: 9780439908900
Imprint: Scholastic Press
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Parent Company: Scholastic Inc.
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Hardcover Description:
Shelia P. Moses, National Book Award finalist and Coretta Scott King Award Honor author, debuts on the Scholastic Press list with a heartwarming young chapter book series.

Sallie Gal admires cousin Wild Cat’s hair ribbons that fly in the wind when she jumps double Dutch. More than anything, Sallie Gal wants a set of her very own. But country folks can’t get to town so easily. And even though Mama and Sallie Gal work hard in the cotton fields, money is hard to come by. Especially for things they don’t need. But one day, the Wall-a-kee Man comes through. He has a whole general store right in the back of his station wagon! When the Wall-a-Kee man secretly slips Sallie Gal some ribbons as a gift into the bag with (continued)

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