Book Cover Image of Taming It Down by Kim McLarin

Taming It Down
by Kim McLarin

    Publication Date: Aug 01, 1999
    List Price: $13.99
    Format: Paperback, 336 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780446675741
    Imprint: Grand Central Publishing
    Publisher: Hachette Book Group
    Parent Company: Lagardère Group

    Paperback Description:

    The daughter of an ambitious mother and the product of an exclusive New England prep school, African-American journalist Hope Robinson is sick of proving herself over and over to white professionals…tired of the automatic distrust she gets from the black community…and has had it up to here with black — and white — men who don’t think she’s good enough. It will take both a crisis and a journey back into the worlds Hope grew up in before she can confront the roots of her rage — and finally free herself to be who she wants to be….

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