Book Cover Image of Hoochie Mama by Preston L. Allen

Hoochie Mama
by Preston L. Allen

    Publication Date: Nov 14, 2001
    List Price: $18.95
    Format: Paperback, 344 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780595207862
    Imprint: Writer’s Club Press
    Publisher: Writer’s Club Press
    Parent Company: Writer’s Club Press

    Paperback Description:

    All that homicide detective M Gantry needs in order to solve the most gruesome murders in Miami history is the answer to a simple question. Who is the cigarette smoker? Who is the serial killer leaving the half-smoked Camels butts at the scene of each crime? The problem is the vicious killer might be linked to her own murky past, and her future.When her partner is added to the list of victims, hoochie mama or not, the beautiful, troubled M Gantry must act and act fast before the killer strikes again.

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