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by Mychea

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    List Price: $12.99
    Format: Paperback, 224 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780615316819
    Imprint: Mychea Writes
    Publisher: Mychea Writes
    Parent Company: Mychea Writes
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    Paperback Description:
    Sex, Secrets, Scandals and Lies…. Coveted has them all. Naima Ari Fairchild has a life that dreams are made of - a handsome, NFL husband of eight years (Kaden), two beautiful children and a glamorous lifestyle, with a big house, fancy clothes, and lots of money - or so everyone thinks. No one can begin to understand what it’s like for Naima, living with a husband that can’t embrace reality. Will she be forced to find a new love in Damir? Naima’s best friend Haven, doesn’t know the meaning of the word loyalty and truly tests their friendship. Emeri is a mysterious stranger who threatens to shake up Naima’s life in more ways than one. How much can one woman take? Follow the stories of five characters, whose lives are intertwined by lurking secrets that should have been buried a long time ago. Read as the lines between lovers and friends, and right and wrong become crossed. This book might have you thinking twice before trusting someone that you call your "friend". Come explore what it is like to be…Coveted

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