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Drink Fuck Sleep (Volume 1)
by Karrine Steffans, S Dot Kaine, Priscilla Johnson, Laci, Taylor Symone, Sao Renee, Shonda Nicole Davis, Cheynarey and Nikki Ransom

Publication Date:
List Price: $9.99 (store prices may vary)
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 163
ISBN13: 9780615562360
Imprint: Steffans Publishing Enterprises
Publisher: Steffans Publishing Enterprises
Parent Company: Steffans Publishing Enterprises

Book Description:
’Drink Fuck Sleep’ is a collection of essays depicting regrettable sexual experiences wherein alcohol was involved either before, during, or after. With gripping, personal accounts of tragic, heart-wrenching, sexually boundless, ultra-erotic, emotionally numbing, mind thrilling, and scintillating experiences, the featured writers narrow the divide between what people project and what they protect. It serves as a series of precautionary tales, as well as proof of life and the parallels of the human condition, regardless of our socioeconomic stations.

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