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Dead Above Ground
by Jervey Tervalon

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    List Price: $15.00
    Format: Paperback, 226 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780671034696
    Imprint: Pocket Books
    Publisher: Pocket Books
    Parent Company: Pocket Books
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    That was Mother’s life back then: planning one daughter’s wedding while plotting to kill her other daughter’s lover…. For feisty young Lita Du Champ, New Orleans is a place dominated by her hardworking family — in particular, her strong-willed mother, Helen, who rules with an unshakable sense of propriety. Ever loyal to her mother, and adoring of her beautiful, restless, married sister Adele, Lita works hard to keep the family together as she attempts to establish her own life. But when Adele falls in love with Lucien Faure — a smooth operator with "the devil’s good looks" and a decades-old score to settle with Helen — Lita unveils her mother’s mysterious past to confront the Du Champs’ long-buried secrets. Now, Lita finds she has one last and desperate chance to save the future of those she loves. Award-winning author Jervey Tervalon draws from his own heritage — and the twisting family story that has lived and breathed inside him his whole life — to create a spellbindingly luminous novel of passion, murder, and vengeance.

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