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The Fanon Reader
by Frantz Fanon

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    ISBN13: 9780745315607
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    Frantz Fanon is a key figure in postcolonial and cultural studies. Born in 1925 on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, he passionately identified with Algeria’s struggle for independence against the French. He became the leading voice in black liberationist writing. With the publication of this book, it is now possible to access all his important writings in one source. The Fanon Reader features extracts from each of Fanon’s major works including Black Skin, White Masks, Studies in a Dying Colonialism, Toward the African Revolution and The Wretched of the Earth. Haddour contextualises Fanon — the man and his work — and provides a comprehensive summary of critical perspectives on his writings. This fully rounded critical introduction to Fanon’s work will appeal to students and teachers in postcolonial studies, cultural studies, political theory, psychoanalysis, literary theory, race studies and anyone interested in the life and writings of one of the world’s foremost pioneers of black liberation.

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