Book Cover Image of At the Crossroads by Travis Hunter

At the Crossroads
by Travis Hunter

    Publication Date: Dec 01, 2010
    List Price: $9.95
    Format: Paperback, 256 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Middle Grade
    ISBN13: 9780758242518
    Imprint: KTeen
    Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
    Parent Company: Kensington Publishing Corp.

    Paperback Description:

    The future he was meant for is just within his reach. . .

    Franklyn "Franky" Bourgeois is fifteen, and he’s already done more living than most. First he was blasted out of a normal childhood in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Determined to survive, he left town with two older cousins. They were nothing short of thugs, but they were all he had. And hard as he tried, even for a good kid like Franky, their influence was hard to resist. . .

    Now Franky’s just a heartbeat away from a life of crime—until he gets an unexpected chance to turn things around. Getting back on track is easier said than done, especially when a group of prep school fools set out to keep Franky on the streets. But Franky’s always been a survivor. He’ll just have to prove it one more time. . .

    "Travis Hunter knows the urban teen scene." —Ni-Ni Simone, author of Teenage Love Affair

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