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Abandon Automobile: Detroit City Poetry 2001
by Melba Joyce Boyd

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    List Price: $44.95
    Format: Hardcover, 424 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9780814329733
    Imprint: Wayne State University Press
    Publisher: Wayne State University Press
    Parent Company: Wayne State University
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    Book Description:
    Do poets’ surroundings shape their viewpoint and work? Abandon Automobile seeks to address this question by bringing together the work of more than one hundred of Detroit’s most acclaimed and accessible poets. Writing about location as if it were a living entity, these poets visualize Detroit as a variety of complex archetypes-the city becomes a savior, a beast, a nurturing mother, a seductress, a friend, an enemy. Like the city itself, the poetry represented is diverse and the poems are by turns tender, forceful, introspective, and vital. In the introduction to the volume, Melba Joyce Boyd and M. L. Liebler show how Detroit’s poetry scene has changed over the years to embrace political movements and cultural transformations. Readers will find that one doesn’t need to be a Detroit native to enjoy the many themes of this anthology. The exciting range of voices represented in this collection will appeal to anyone interested in poetry, regional literature, and urban life.

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