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Black Inventors of America
by McKinley Burt, Jr.

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    How many industries vital to America's success have been profoundly influenced by the contributions of African-Americans? Automobiles, railroads, trucking, communication, footwear, agricultural produce, and sugar refining, to name a few. Who are these individuals, and how did they come to make their contributions? Who was the Real McCoy?

    This book moves beyond the realm of hearsay and folklore... and tells the truth about the very real and magnificent accomplishments of a talented race of people. Passing on knowledge of these triumphs to children and young adults is especially important.

    The following is a partial list of African-Americans whose innovative and technological achievements have influenced and contributed to American Industry, Commerce and Culture in our global society. As referenced in Black Inventors of America:


    Air Conditioning Unit F.M. Jones, July 12, 1949
    Air Ship J.F. Pickering, Feb. 20, 1900
    Almanac Benjamin Banneker, Approx. 1791
    Automatic Air Brake Granville T. Woods, June 10, 1902
    Automatic gear shift Richard Spikes, February 28, 1932

    Baby buggy W.H. Richardson, June 18, 1899
    Bicycle Frame L.R. Johnson, October 10, 1899
    Blood plasma bag Charles Drew, Approx. 1945

    Cellular phone Henry T. Sampson, July 6, 1971
    Child's Carriage W.H. Richardson, June 18, 1889
    Churn A.C. Richardson, Feb. 17, 1891
    Clothes Dryer G.T. Sampson, June 6, 1862

    Detachable Car Fender R.Hearness, July 4, 1899
    Dough Kneader L. Bell, Dec. 10, 1872
    Door knob & stop O. Dorsey, December 10, 1878

    Egg beater Willie Johnson, February 5, 1884
    ElectroMechanical Brake Granville T. Woods, Aug. 16, 1887
    Elevator Alexander Miles, October 11, 1867
    Elevator Device J. Cooper, April 2, 1895
    Electric lamp bulb Lewis Latimer, March 21, 1882
    Electric Railway System Granville T. Woods, Jan. 13, 1903
    Eye Protector P. Johnson, Nov. 2, 1880

    Fire Escape Ladder J.B. Winters, May 7, 1878
    Fire Extinguisher T. Marshall, October 26, 1872
    Folding Bed L.C. Bailey, July 18, 1899
    Folding Chair Purdy & Sadgwar, June 11, 1889
    Fountain pen W.B. Purvis, January 7, 1890
    Furniture Castor D.A. Fisher, March 14, 1876

    Gas Burner B.F. Jackson, April 4, 1899
    Gas Mask Garrett Morgan, October 13, 1914
    Golf Tee T. Grant, December 12, 1899
    Guitar Robert Fleming, Jr., March 3, 1886


    Hair brush Lydia Newman, November 15, 18-
    Heating Apparatus B.F. Jackson, March 1, 1898
    Horse shoe J. Ricks, March 30, 1886

    Ice cream scooper A.L. Cralle, February 2, 1897
    Invalid Cot B.F.Cargill, July 25, 1899
    Ironing board Sarah Boone, December 30, 1887

    Joiner's Clamp D.A. Fisher, Apr. 20, 1875

    Key chain F. J. Loudin, January 9, 1894

    Lantern Michael C. Harve, August 19, 1884
    Lawn Mower L. A. Burr, May 19, 1889
    Lawn Sprinkler Design Elijah McCoy, Sept. 26, 1899
    Lemon Squeezer J.T. White, Dec. 8, 1896
    Life Saving Apparatus J. Wormley, May 4, 1881
    Life Saving Guards for
    Trains & Street Cars J.H. Robinson, Mar. 14 & Apr. 25, 1899
    Lubricator Elijah McCoy, May 27, 1893

    Machine for Cleaning
    Seed Cotton P. Walker, Feb. 16, 1897
    Mailbox Paul L. Downing, October 27, 1891
    Mop T.W. Stewart, June 13, 1893
    Motor Frederick M. Jones, June 27, 1939

    Nailing Machine J.E. Matzeliger, Feb. 25, 1896

    Oil Stove J. Standard, Oct. 29, 1899

    Peanut Butter George Washington Carver, 1896
    Pencil sharpener J. L. Love, November 23, 1897
    Planter & Cultivator G.W. Murray, June 5, 1894
    Printing Press W.A. Lavalette, Sept. 17, 1878
    Propeller for Vessels G. Toliver, April 28, 1891

    Railcar Coupling A.J. Beard, Nov. 23, 1897
    Railway Switch W.H. Jackson, March 9, 1897
    Railway Telegraphy Granville T. Woods, Nov.15, 1887
    Refrigerator J. Standard, June 14, 1891
    Control Device F.M. Jones, Jan. 8, 1952
    Rotary Dining Table D. Johnson, Jan. 15, 1888
    Rotary Engine B.H. Taylor, Apr. 23, 1878

    Scaffold H. Pickett, June 30, 1874
    Shoe Lasting Machine J.E. Matzeliger, Sept. 22, 1891
    Spark plug Edmond Berger, February 2, 1839
    Spring Seat for Chairs A.B. Blackburn, Apr. 3, 1888
    Steam Boiler Furnace Granville T. Woods, June 3, 1884
    Steam Cylinder Lubricator Elijah McCoy, Feb. 1, 1876
    Stethoscope Imhotep, Ancient Egypt
    Stove T.A. Carrington, July 25, 1876
    Straightening comb Madame C.J. Walker, Approx. 1905
    Street Sprinkling Apparatus M.W. Binga, July 22, 1879
    Street sweeper Charles B. Brooks, March 17, 1890
    Sugar Refinement (The"Rillieux"Process) Norman Rillieux, Dec. 10, 1846
    Swinging Chairs P. Johnson, Nov. 15, 1881

    Telephone Transmitter Granville T. Woods, Dec. 2, 1884
    Thermostat control Frederick M. Jones, February 23, 1960
    Ticket Dispensing Machine Frederick M. Jones, June 27, 1939
    Traffic light Garret Morgan, November 20, 1923
    Tricycle M. A. Cherry, May 6, 1686
    Two-Cycle Gas Engine Frederick M. Jones, March 11, 1947
    Typewriter Burridge and Marshman, April 7, 1885

    Umbrella Stand W.C. Carter, Aug. 4th, 1885

    Velocipede M.A. Cherry, May 8, 1888
    Ventilated Shoe H. Faulkner, April 29, 1890

    Watch Benjamin Banneker, late 18th Century
    Water Closets for Railway Cars Latimer & Brown, Feb. 10, 1874

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