Ultimate Mental Power: The Iko - Meditation Technique by Roger Martin Davis

Ultimate Mental Power: The Iko - Meditation Technique
by Roger Martin Davis

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    Book Description:
    This book, offers readers an easy to follow and ’user friendly’ approach to learning about the historical or philosophical origins, multi-cultural precepts, and the actual initiation process into the daily practice of the IKO-Meditation Technique - Level One. This system of meditation was developed and originated by Baba Ur Deon-Solek (a.k.a., Roger M. Davis, BS, CYT) between the years of 1979 and 1989. The technique of instruction offered, which is introduced in this text relies on several other pre-existent systems of meditation practice. The text offers to the readers an easily followed publication format, which is graphically illustrated and additionally enhanced with numerous photographic images. The text also gives a fully detailed overview of the philosophical and historical antecedents in the development of the meditation and Yoga, sciences. The creative flair, format, and presentation method that has been undertaken or incorporated in the production of this book is frankly unheard of, in the ’self-improvement’ and ’self-help’ marketplace of ideas. Seldom, do the authors, of such self-help books ever bother to offer the reader a clear understanding of the origins for the concepts, ideas, and viewpoints that they are presenting in their literary works. However, this book, does just that! In this guidebook, the reader is given a precise mechanism for understanding the mechanics, of ’how the stuff works!’ This is something such charismatic ’gurus’ of the self-improvement field, such as, Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gwain, Les Brown, Steve Covey, Anthony Robbins, and others, have generally failed to produce, or obviously, have neglected to offer their students. Finally, this book delivers a powerful and stinging commentary on the unethical side of the meditation and yoga practices. Ultimate Mental Power, exposes the dilemma, which is posed by the cheats, charlatans, and mystics that have made yoga and meditation, practices far removed from their historical rational and scientific foundations. The extant text is unapologetic in condemning the centuries of confusion that has been unleashed due to the distortion of the original Samkhya Darshan (Philosophy) and Yoga Darshan (Philosophy) by the Vedic Aryans and the Brahmin priesthood. Without question, this aspect of the book will certainly offend many, challenge others, and potentially liberate millions from the shackles of mysticism!