The Yoga Therapy Handbook by Roger Martin Davis
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The Yoga Therapy Handbook
by Roger Martin Davis

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    Format: Hardcover, 396 pages
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    ISBN13: 9780939366118
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    Roger M. Davis renders to us a comprehensive philosophical journey and treatise into the "art & science" of Yoga therapy as a self-healing treatment paradigm for the novice and experienced Yoga practitioner. This book speaks in simple language and yet provides readers with a sophisticated examination of the basic origins, tenets and perspectives regarding a often misunderstood tradition that certainly has immense implications for commanding our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! Yoga is defined as "union with the Self, or with ’God’ and this writer makes our understanding of this rather complex message straightforward and within the grasp of Yoga practitioners from a variety of disciplines, styles or lineages without cumbersome dogma or mysticism.