Book Cover Image of Afro-Bets 1-2-3 Book by Cheryl Willis Hudson

Afro-Bets 1-2-3 Book
by Cheryl Willis Hudson

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Publication Date: Feb 16, 1989
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Format: Paperback, 24 pages
Classification: Fiction
Target Age Group: Picture Book
ISBN13: 9780940975019
Imprint: Just Us Books
Publisher: Just Us Books, Inc.
Parent Company: Just Us Books, Inc.

Paperback Description:

“The Afro-Bets series by Cheryl Willis Hudson and husband Wade Hudson. This series is educational and shows the creativity that can go into teaching our children about their numbers and letters.”—Rosheena Beek, author Mommy Says!

The Afro-Bets Kids present the numbers 1 through 10! Langston, Nandi, Glo, Stef, Tura, and Robo show you how to learn your numbers. Watch them twist their bodies into the shapes of the numbers.

Part of the Afro-Bets series, two paperbacks by Cheryl Willis Hudson star a cast of six African-American characters that bend and twist to represent concepts. In Afro-Bets ABC Book, labeled illustrations reinforce letter sounds (K stands for “kitten,” “keys,” and “Kente cloth”). Counting from one to 10 is the subject of Afro-Bets 1 2 3 Book.—Publishers Weekly