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by Cheryl Willis Hudson

Publication Date:
List Price: $5.95
Format: Paperback, 24 pages
Classification: Children’s
ISBN13: 9780940975880
Imprint: Just Us Books
Publisher: Just Us Books, Inc.
Parent Company: Just Us Books, Inc.
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Book Description:

Youngsters can learn the alphabet with the engaging AFRO-BETS Kids in this concept book that has become a classic in pre-school classrooms.

Part of the popular Afro-Bets series, the ABC book includes playful illustration with a twist that make learning the alphabet fun and engaging for young readers.

The Afro-Bets kids, Langston, Nandi, Glo, Stef, Tura, and Robo, are a fun and flexible group. Children will enjoy learning their ABC’s as the Afro-Bets kids take turns stretching and bending into the letters A-Z. Every page includes colorful pictures and words to help reinforce each letter. Join the Afro-Bets in their acrobatic, alphabet adventure!

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