Book Cover Image of From “Superman” to Man by J. A. Rogers

From “Superman” to Man
by J. A. Rogers

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Publication Date: Jan 01, 1996
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Format: Hardcover, 130 pages
Classification: Nonfiction
ISBN13: 9780960229444
Imprint: Helga Rogers
Publisher: Helga Rogers
Parent Company: Helga Rogers

Hardcover Description:

Joel Augustus Roger’s seminal work, this novel first published in 1917 is a polemic against the ignorance that fuels racism. The central plot revolves around a debate between a Pullman porter and a white racist Southern politician.

“A genuine treasure. I still insist that From ‘Superman’ to Man is the greatest book ever written in English on the Negro by a Negro and I am glad to know that increasing thousands of black and white readers re-echo the high opinion of it which I had expressed some years ago.”