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Lifting Voices: Voices of the Collective Struggle
by Peggy M. Fisher

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $11.95 (store prices may vary)
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Fiction
    Page Count: 120
    ISBN13: 9780966255102
    Imprint: Pyramid Collections
    Publisher: Pyramid Collections
    Parent Company: Pyramid Collections

    Book Description: 

    The voices of our ancestors echo down through the centuries of our struggle and resonate loud and clear as we reclaim our culture. In "The Colors," the centerpiece of the Collective Struggle, we remember and honor the past achievements of our Drum Majors and foot soldiers-opening the door to reconstruct and build our families and communities with PURPOSE.

    The Colors
    The colors Red, Black and Green gifted to us by Garvey sometimes reordered as Black, Red and Green continue to symbolize our struggle.

    first, portraying our people and their achievements which gave our struggle direction; images of Turner, Douglass, Tubman, DuBois, Malcolm, King and so many others. Gems of courage and wisdom mined from the loins of ancient Africa-following a tradition of excellence.

    represents the blood of our people and their continuing struggle; united through the middle passages, underground railroad, wars, the black revolution and many other struggles and triumphs. We were there at the beginning helping to shape this country-footprints all over America and the world. 

    stands for our faith and commitment to the future-reconstructing and empowering our families and communities. Teaching love, respect and self- determination as we move to our center; walking in the paths of our ancestors, building pyramids that will last forever.

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