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Stepping into Womanhood: A Black Woman’s Poetic Journey
by Traci Brooks

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $14.95 (store prices may vary)
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Poetry
    Page Count: 80
    ISBN13: 9780966802306
    Imprint: The Sankofa Business Group
    Publisher: The Sankofa Business Group
    Parent Company: The Sankofa Business Group

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    Book Description: 

    Stepping Into Womanhood, by Traci Brooks, is a poetic journey along the path of today’s Afrikan woman. Its prose speaks to the varying realities of her experience. As Afrikan women tread the road to self-awareness and spiritual understanding, Stepping Into Womanhood will serve as yet another reflection of her growth womanhood. Stepping Into Womanhood represents a poetic testament of the steps toward transformation that Afrikan women take while attempting to reach the destination of a self-defined existence.


    I desire to flood you
    with the splendor of
    a spiritual thunderstorm…

    …showering you with
       iridescent drops of
       ancient wisdom.

    …bathing your spirit
       with the divinity of
       Amen Ra
       and the truth and justice
       of Maat.

    …striking your soul
       with the riveting
       rains of righteousness.

    …summoning you to
       wade in the waters
       of enlightenment.

       And ultimately…

    …welcoming you to
       the customary quiet
       after the storm.

    © 1999 Traci Brooks

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