Book Cover Image of Deception in the Pews: Exposing the Hidden Dangers That Lurk Within Religions by Erik Campano, Isabel Esteviz, Sheila Taylor-Downer, and Robyn Williams

Deception in the Pews: Exposing the Hidden Dangers That Lurk Within Religions
by Erik Campano, Isabel Esteviz, Sheila Taylor-Downer, and Robyn Williams

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    Format: Hardcover, 182 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9780970290984
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    Hardcover Description:

    Spanning denominations, Deception in the Pews documents the anguish, despair and damage suffered by believers who have endured deceit and abuse at the hands of the very faith leaders sworn to teach, mentor and nurture them spiritually. This long overdue book examines what too often transpires when faith leaders fail to lead, opting instead to deceive and abuse while hiding behind scripture, pulpits, confessionals and closed doors.

    The co-authors of Deception in the Pews thoughtfully examine herein the devastating impact on the wounded when believers abandon logic and ignore the sins of authority figures who lead them astray.

    Deception Thrives! Deception. Erroneous interpretation of good words with self-serving evil intent. Psychological, sexual or financial abuse causing reckless family destruction. These foreboding maladies woefully afflict houses of worship worldwide today at the hands of the very religious leaders condemning these acts from the pulpit week after week. These deceptive behaviors threaten to diminish trust in spiritual leaders, tarnish longstanding worship institutions and weaken the faith of their followers. The danger is broadly visible, and it is real. While the deception that permeates many worship places nowadays is not new, the issue and its tragic consequences is all too often discounted or garners precious little media attention. Within the pages of this book, the truth about spiritual deception is now being told.

    Deception in the Pews features captivating stories, many untold until now, which expose the world of danger, confusion and pain that many worshippers unwittingly navigate in search of spiritual fulfillment.

    Are You Being Deceived? Deception is global, non-denominational and multicultural. Would you recognize the warning signs of spiritual abuse? Deception in the Pews takes the reader on a journey while offering thoughtful insights, counsel and healing techniques that point to the path of recovery for anyone who has ever been victimized. From awareness to prevention, this book examines how spiritual leaders prey upon the unsuspecting. Are you at risk of being deceived?

    Highlighted herein are 10 warning signs that point to potential abusive leaders which everyone should be aware of, including:

    • Displays a superiority complex
    • Instills fear
    • Is a one-man or one-woman show
    • Assumes no accountability for their actions
    • Uses isolation as a tactic to deceive

    Deception in the Pews also features a diverse collection of cautionary stories depicting abuse across religions ranging from:

    • Rabbi arrested for voyeurism after secretly recording female congregants while they were naked in the Mikvah.
    • A pastor was caught breaking into a parishioner’s home on Christmas Eve.
    • Former Hindu Temple priest sentenced to over 20 years in prison on felony counts including bank fraud, tax fraud and obstruction.

    Deception in the Pews promises to captivate, to confront, to empower and to touch a nerve among both believers and non-believers alike.