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Give God the Glory!: Know God and Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life (Study Guide)
by Kevin Wayne Johnson

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    Format: Paperback, 133 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9780970590220
    Imprint: Writing for the Lord
    Publisher: Writing for the Lord
    Parent Company: Writing for the Lord Ministries, LLC
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    Essential to your Christian curriculum, this study guide redefines the core message of the first book in the Give God the Glory! series: Know God (mental) and Do the Will of God (action) Concerning Your Life. Systematically divided into two parts with three chapters each, this STUDY GUIDE navigates students, teachers, church leaders, pastors, bishops, librarians, book clubs, Bible scholars, seminaries, colleges & universities, and readers through an in-depth Bible study to broaden their knowledge of God’s Word and to develop a closer walk with Him. The purpose of this Study Guide is so that the world may know, to demonstrate the power of positive thinking, walking in His steps, and to understand the principles of Christian living. Walking in the spirit and spiritual leadership are key components that are found within the pages of our new spiritual books. Amongst the plethora of best-selling spiritual books, this Study Guide brings forth new meaning to the initial book (2001) in the Give God the Glory! series (Know God the Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life). Reading and teaching from this Christian resource are topics such as the Christian life profile, the Christian family, the Christian experience, living Christian, how to be a contagious Christian, Christian education, your Christian impact on others, Christian references, and Christian praise and worship. Categorized as the Christian faith book, it focuses on teaching Christian principles, extracted from the Word of God, for the purpose of helping us to Know God and to do His Will concerning our lives. Prayerfully, readers will be encouraged to explore the contents of their Bible through the year and will learn the importance of how to get into the Bible regularly. This will draw us closer to His Word through an understanding of Bible truth and of the promises of God in the Bible. This Study Guide is an excellent resource for your church bookshop, church shops, and outstanding church gifts, church items, church resource, and church literature. It is considered by many in the publishing industry as a great church book, amongst the many church books, as well as excellent Bible based teaching for your church library. This church gift addresses church foundation, particularly in chapter three that addresses spiritual gifts. Through small groups, it is a great resource for weekend Bible study. Your walk through the Bible in a year, Bible thought of the day, daily Bible Scriptures, and daily walk through the Bible programs can be monitored and evaluated based upon your growth and development relative to the Holy Bible and study with your church family and friends. Christ is preeminent throughout this Study Guide. For example, readers learn that Christians must make a case for Christ, accurately state the case of Christ, reveal the passion of Christ, understand why to live is Christ, and utilize and recommend this Study Guide as a case for Christ book. Through diligent study of the six chapters of this Study Guide, readers will ultimately learn, and subsequently teach others, that a life in the Word is our key to success. Other key themes that reverberate from its pages include life without fear, living a life you always wanted, learning to live a new way life, and finding the cure for the common life. Yes, life in tough, but don’t waste your life by missing out on God’s life-changing Word.

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