Book Cover Image of World War Gangster by Jihad Shaheed Uhuru

World War Gangster
by Jihad Shaheed Uhuru

    Publication Date: Oct 01, 2012
    List Price: $14.95
    Format: Paperback, 310 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780970610270
    Imprint: Envisions Publishing, LLC
    Publisher: Envisions Publishing, LLC
    Parent Company: Envisions Publishing, LLC

    Paperback Description:

    Change is on the Way Singer Sam Cook said it best, "A Change is Gonna Come." But Bo Jack Jones is tired of waiting. The world-renowed hip-hop artist is ready to bring on the revolution himself. Tired of injustice, rampant racism and an America that is anything but "The Land of the Free," Jones enlists the help of a new group called The Truth Commission to right the wrongs of this country’s past. The Revolution will not be televised The Truth Commission is working overtime to bring light, life and freedom to a New America - by any means necessary. First up, expose the real story behind two high-profile murders. Then, liberate nonviolent drug offenders who have been left to die in the penal system. The Commission was already on a mission - now with Bo Jack Jones leading the way, it’s the dawn of a new day. A modern day Robin Hood, Jones is using his money, power and fame to go to war against a system that doesn’t want to be changed. World War Gangster is unlike anything you’ve ever read. Prepare for a fast-paced, riveting ride that will blow your mind and have you rethinking everything you think you know about the country that promises liberty and justice for all!