Book Cover Image of Dark Horse Assassin: Rise Of The Messiah by Jihad Shaheed Uhuru

Dark Horse Assassin: Rise Of The Messiah
by Jihad Shaheed Uhuru

    Publication Date: Oct 06, 2014
    List Price: $14.95
    Format: Paperback, 333 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780970610294
    Imprint: Envisions Publishing, LLC
    Publisher: Envisions Publishing, LLC
    Parent Company: Envisions Publishing, LLC

    Paperback Description:

    Modern Day Babylon
    The almighty dollar is reigning supreme and America is in complete disarray. Even God is being exploited for a dollar more than ever before. Now, as thousands are dying, America’s fate lies in the hands of one person.
    Thousands consider the young man known as Zion as their only hope for salvation. But time is running out as the veil of darkness threatens to consume the earth and all that inhabit the dying planet. With the help of twelve of the nation’s most prolific spiritual leaders, Zion, and two friends risk their lives daily trying to redeem mankind, while barely staying a step ahead of the world’s most powerful men who have two goals - Destroy Zion and his friends, and obtain world domination under a One World Order.
    Will the greatest good triumph over supreme evil? Is there really a God? And if you have any questions as to God’s purpose for humanity, by the time you finish reading the nail biting suspense Dark Horse Assassin trilogy, you will have no doubt as to what your purpose in this life is.