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Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business
by Joylynn M. Jossel

    Publication Date: Apr 03, 2019
    List Price: $19.95
    Format: Paperback, 264 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9780970672667
    Imprint: End of the Rainbow Projects
    Publisher: End of the Rainbow Projects
    Parent Company: End of the Rainbow Projects, Inc.
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    Paperback Description:

    There is more to being an author than writing, publishing, and selling a book. Many authors dive into the literary industry without first taking the time to learn the business side of being an author, let alone how to navigate the waters of the literary industry once they’re in knee-deep. With an ever-changing industry, mastering the art of financial literary success is something that can take years, not to mention the mistakes that will be made along the way during the learning phase; mistakes that could cost you money, and mistakes that could keep you from making money. But that is what this tool and resource is for; to shorten your learning curve so that you can start making money with your book and literary business now!

    It’s important that an author understands their full job description and how to maximize, optimize, and monetize their title to achieve literary success and financial literary success. Whether an author is traditionally published, self-published, or has agent representation, their book is their business. The more authors learn the business of writing and publishing, the better relationship they will have with their readers, agents, and the better partnership they will have with their publisher. After all, the author-publisher relationship is that of a partnership indeed. Publishers, large or small, that want their authors to have a better understanding of the business of being an author, and as a result bring in more revenue, providing this resource to your authors isn’t an option, but instead, a necessity. The same goes for literary agents. The more informed the author is regarding the tasks they can implement and execute to generate more book sales, the better this benefits the author, agent, and publisher. Talk about a win-win-winning situation!

    Allow this resource to get you on the path toward financial literary success, so that you can fund the efforts for your literary success. If you want to know the difference between literary success and financial literary success, then crack open the book now to crack the code and be on your way to both!

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