Book Cover Image of Hobble by Neale Sourna

by Neale Sourna

    Publication Date: Jun 02, 2007
    List Price: $16.00
    Format: Paperback, 294 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780974195032
    Imprint: PIE: Perception Is Everything
    Publisher: PIE: Perception Is Everything
    Parent Company: PIE: Perception Is Everything

    Paperback Description:

    BENNET GILLESPIE, a successful, yet burned out half Native American medical professional, crashes into a recuperating "innocent" beauty on the beach; beginning an obsessive, sexual triangle with the seductive African American, DAY, who’s jealously guarded by HOPKINS, her overbearing, elderly British stepfather, and lover. Benn’s a master manipulator, but he could, in fact, literally lose his heart, his life, and his soul to the "knife-happy" legally insane Day, who’s desperate to be free of the man, who may have crippled her, and of the prison mental ward lockdown to which she will be returned, when the old man dies.

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