Book Cover Image of Rock And Fire - Love Poetry From The Core by Marc Lacy

Rock And Fire - Love Poetry From The Core
by Marc Lacy

Publication Date: May 31, 2007
List Price: $14.00
Format: Paperback, 223 pages
Classification: Poetry
ISBN13: 9780974971285
Imprint: AVO Publishing
Publisher: AVO Publishing, LLC
Parent Company: AVO Publishing, LLC

Paperback Description:

Rock and Fire - Love Poetry from the Core offers mature, realistic, fantasy, blunt, and hard-line scribes dealing with love in all shapes, forms, and fashions. This edgy, comprehensive lyrical package (for grown folks only) covers the spiritual, emotional, romantic, physical, and mental aspects of love.

As human beings, during our nonstop effort to evolve toward a higher degree of existing, we all go through several phases where we expose ourselves to different elements. In our valiant attempt to achieve, realize, and deliver this thing called love; love itself breaks us down and often has us indirectly touching the outer limits of every facet of the subject as they pertain to happiness, anger, arousal, and despair. Love is real. It sometimes prompts us to engage in real things whether good, bad, or ugly. In order to grow, we have to acknowledge each event as it materializes into its fullest effect. Whether we want to attest to it or not, every situation encountered dealing with love gives all the signs and/or symbols we need in order to grow. Love, or what we think is love, can enter us into challenging situations in which we have no business being, but we still have to use the experience as a learning tool in order to advance in life.

Some of us confuse love with lust. Many of us strongly know the difference and still allow the lusting to run its course. After our mind becomes clear again, we tend to ask for forgiveness and assume that our contrition in asking for it will yield coverage until of course the next spell of temptation prompts lusting again.

In encountering love issues, it matters not whether we re saved, lost, found, anointed, or appointed…as long as we live, love will expose itself and expose us at one point in time or another. But, spiritual connectivity is the ultimate factor in coping with love’s perils. As love rubs, punches, bites, and stimulates, it has a track record of mastering us as we attempt to master it. Our saving grace is us having faith to hold on as God works, continuously displaying mercy upon us as we progress. Rock and Fire promises to cast the reader deeply into compromising situations, revealing obvious and in some cases cavalier hints and clues as to the true direction of each poem. Nonetheless, pleasure, pain, happiness, and sadness are just a few of the feelings realized when rocked with the fire of the sizzling words contained within this book! Again, grown folks only!
—Marc Lacy, 2007

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