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Harlem’s Dragon
by David Rivera

    Publication Date:
    Format: Paperback, 228 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780976029205
    Imprint: Indult Publishing Co.
    Publisher: Indult Publishing Co.
    Parent Company: Indult Publishing Co.
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    Book Description:
    When Margarita decided she was going to marry the best martial artist in Harlem, she never guessed that all of his struggles would also be hers. Sex is no longer the answer to solve all of her problems. An unwanted man enters her life and she’s up to her old tricks. Chemah is torn between the two women in his life. One that he believes he owes everything to, and one that has come to deliver a great gift. Both lives will be changed by three constants. Love, Choices, Consequences. The Dragon has come to symbolize the good in one person and the bad in the other. Both are great lovers and both are great fighters. One is a strategist and the other a Hero. Who is the real Dragon of Harlem and why is love a constant fight?

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