Book Cover Image of The Sons Of Shea by Dame DaVohn

The Sons Of Shea
by Dame DaVohn

Publication Date: Sep 01, 2008
List Price: $19.99
Format: Paperback
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780982038901
Imprint: Affinity Publishing
Publisher: Affinity Publishing
Parent Company: Affinity Publishing

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Paperback Description:

This enchanting novel by Dame DaVohn has been called brilliant, and rightfully so. At a time in which the themes of hope and change are at the forefront of American thinking, the tale of the Sons of Shea will allow you to believe in heroes again. Set in the fictional city of Stonegate, MI, a community ravaged by the death of the auto industry, a group of young men and women vow to do whatever it takes to save their home from the drugs, crime, hopelessness, and despair. Against all odds they begin a movement that carries them beyond the usual suspects of gangbangers and dope-peddlers, and crashes them into the pimped-out pulpits, corrupt political offices, and the untrusting, hardened hearts of the very people they are trying to save. As with all great stories, at the heart of The Sons of Shea lies a love story for the ages. The leader of the enigmatic young movement is forced to choose between his destiny to promote true change, and having a relationship with the love of his life. Ultimately, as love spirals into betrayal and greed and jealousy circle the young movement like ravenous wolves, the war torn heroes discover the cost of bringing about real change. The Sons of Shea transcends race and culture and delivers a great American epic that is sure to inspire you.

’Black Me’

by Dame DaVohn

Strong in body, powerful mind

Deep, funny, sexy, fine

Soothing smiles ’ occasional tears

Courageously brave battling fears

Hopelessly silly, goofy, plain

Eloquent, articulate, grammatical ’ slang

Rhythmic, smooth; charming and sweet

Poetic, romantic, stable, complete

Bald-headed, ebony’.perfectly brown

Beautifully skinned, Black - Proud!