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Lesson Learned: It Is What It Is (Situations & Circumstances)
by Portia Cosby

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    List Price: $14.99
    Format: Paperback, 304 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780982301319
    Imprint: Distinct Publishing
    Publisher: Distinct Publishing
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    ALEXIS JAMES has three goals: stay focused, stay calm, and stay out of jail. However, when the scandalous truths about her mother, her man, and her best friend reveal themselves, all bets are off. Her temper flares and actions speak louder than words, causing an eruption of emotions and an aftermath of tension. For TIFFANY PRICE, life is good. She is finishing her master s degree in psychology and feels qualified to analyze the human psyche; she has three beautiful children; and once her long-time boyfriend (Marlon) finally pops the question, life will be great. But after a mind-blowing experience with a stranger, confusion and lust make her feel more like a patient than a therapist. When her love for affection and attention writes a check her behind can t cash, will Old Faithful Marlon be there to pick up the pieces? Alexis and Tiffany embark on searches for their purposes in life amid the chaos they encounter along the way. Their parallel lives intersect to form a tale full of controversy, with familiar characters making surprising appearances and new characters leaving lasting impressions. The lesson they learn is simple; since you can t change it, you might as well accept it.

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