Book Cover Image of It’s Complicated by Portia Cosby

It’s Complicated
by Portia Cosby

Publication Date: Jun 23, 2014
List Price: $13.00
Format: Paperback, 218 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780982301333
Imprint: Distinct Publishing
Publisher: Distinct Publishing
Parent Company: Distinct Publishing

Paperback Description:

“Portia Cosby has created a world of compelling characters who navigate a byzantine maze of love, secrets, lies and a whole lot of bad decisions in a page turner that will keep you up all night… just like it did me!”
Lolita Files, Author of Child of God and sex.lies.murder.fame

Venni”s cryptic past is filled with secrets. Now that the beautiful executive is trying to settle down with the man of her dreams, she decides to come clean. She admits to a past filled with lies, heartbreak and scandal. But she soon learns that some secrets are best left buried.

Once the skeletons are out, all hell breaks loose. In the midst of the drama, Venni”s long-time ally becomes her greatest adversary and her most hated adversary surprisingly becomes her ally. When it”s all said and done, egos and feelings are tattered and family lives are severed. Will Venni regret coming clean?

It”s Complicated is a page-turner that reaffirms we all have a backstory and perfection on the surface isn’t always what it seems.

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