Book Cover Image of How Did I Get Here? by Ahmad Aleem Williams

How Did I Get Here?
by Ahmad Aleem Williams

Publication Date: Oct 01, 2009
List Price: $9.99
Format: Paperback, 158 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780982556405
Imprint: Mortified Books
Publisher: Mortified Books
Parent Company: Mortified Books

Paperback Description:

Preston Brown is one of the most elegant and upcoming stars in the African-American community; who has destiny written all over him. He has everything a twenty-five year old man could ever want in life: a miraculous looking wife (Delight), kids, dog, and a career lined up after seminary school to top it all off. Although, very intelligent and keen with words you will find out how Preston’s strengths will ultimately turn into his center of weakness. Preston finds himself in a series of unfortunate events that makes it difficult for him to even believe in himself after some time. Preston’s ambitious attributes meet the test when he finds himself caught up with a woman that attracts him in every way. Preston soon finds himself in a dilemma of whether to stay married or get a divorce. The first of a three part series will read to you a story about failure, struggle, and redemption at its greatest capacities. Find out how the consistent faith of his wife delivers him from evil and how Preston finds humility as the greatest spiritual relief he has ever felt.

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