Book Cover Image of Renaissance of the Psyche  by Melica Niccole

Renaissance of the Psyche
by Melica Niccole

    Publication Date: Nov 10, 2017
    List Price: $10.00
    Format: Paperback, 79 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9780997687538
    Imprint: Hampton Publishing House
    Publisher: Hampton Publishing House
    Parent Company: Hampton Publishing House, LLC

    Paperback Description:

    Renaissance of the Psyche is Melica Niccole’s fourth book of poetry. In this work, she returns to what she loves about writing and producing poetic flows with passion, love, and dreamy-realism. She pays homage to poets of the past and present in “Respect” and “Long Live the Poet”, takes you on a journey to “Love’s Utopia” and keeps you on edge with “Omen”. You will feel the passion in her heart with every word that you read and every page that you turn. This book is about releasing your soul into the universe by doing what you love and giving life your all. Are you doing what you love?