Book Cover Image of Love’s Promise by Opal Palmer Adisa

Love’s Promise
by Opal Palmer Adisa

    Publication Date: May 05, 2017
    List Price: $19.99
    Format: Hardcover, 184 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780997890082
    Imprint: Plumeria
    Publisher: Plumeria
    Parent Company: Plumeria Publishing

    Hardcover Description:

    Stories of innocent childhood love; of couples meeting again after years of being apart and finding each other still with the passion of earlier days; older women finding time to enjoy companionship and sex; a wife whose love for herself takes her to another zone of self-protection. This is Love’s Promise which refreshes our faith in humanity, a way of being naturally in the world, flaws and all. —Carole Boyce-Davies